Used, Trade-In and Demo equipment for sale:

Glider: Wills Wing Super Sport 143, High visibility Orange/Yellow. Recommended pilot weight range 125-210 lbs. Glider weight (per Wills Wing manual) is 57 lbs. Approximately 100 hours total air time. Has Lookout Mountain vertical fin for improved longitudinal stability and Hall wheels on quick release Wills base tube brackets. Comes with manual and batten profiles, spare upright, different length hang straps, and miscellaneous hardware parts. Excellent condition though does have some scuffs on nosecone and sail leading edge, and some creases on the leading edge near the nose from years of being folded up. $500.
Want more information on these great Wills Wing gliders? Call Eric or email Arizona Airfoils. Also, owner manuals for current and out-of-production Wills Wing gliders can be downloaded from the Support page of the Wills Wing web site.
Glider: UP Axis 15. White surfcoat L.E., Yellow and white undersurface. Good to excellent condition, low airtime. Wide-range VG, airfoil uprights, Surfcote leading edge, 240 HTP trailing edge and deep speed bar. This is a big-air glider at a great price! $500.
Vario: New Flytec 6005. Analog/digital vario display w/user-selectable averager, 3 altimeters, airspeed, temperature, flight timer, clock and stopwatch functions. User-selectable sink alarm, 50-flight memory. $479. Stock photo, actual item is very similar.
Vario: Brauniger AV Pilot with mount. Analog/digital vario display, 2 altimeters, temperature, flight timer, clock and stopwatch functions. 19-flight memory. Used, good condition. $280 . Stock photo, actual item is very similar.
Vario: Ball M19 vario/altimieter with mount. Refurbished, like new condition. $225. Stock photo, actual item is very similar. See manual at
  Harness New Wills Wing Z-5, extra large for 6'3-6'4, 290 lbs. Blue/Yellow. $650.
  Vario: Ball 650 vario/altimieter deck. Used, good condition. $100.
  Vario: New Sunio vario/altimeter watch. Manufacturer's list 219, a great deal at $165.
  Compass: Large Ball compass with mount. Used, good condition. $80.
  Bar Mitts: Sheepskin/cloth bar mitts. $65
  Tow release: Three-string tow release. $35
  Tow release: Cable release, handlebar-type. $125
  Uprights: Wills Wing AT-style 65 and 68 uprights in stock, $81.
  Uprights: Light Stream 62, 65 and 68 uprights in stock. Call for price.
  Leading Edges: Falcon 225 6061 LE's (the stiff ones). New, complete upgrade. (2) available, $350 each OBO.

For additional information or to arrange a demo flight contact Eric at Arizona Airfoils

Last updated: 7/27/2012